Improving Recovery Outcomes By Empowering People Into Meaningful Employment

"I sleep better at night knowing I have a clear direction."
- Program participant

Partnering With Treatment Providers, Government Agencies, And Recovery Coaches To Improve Recovery Outcomes


On A Dime Transformations is a team of doctors, social workers, peer support workers, career coaches and curriculum developers with decades of experience and distinction within their fields. We have identified a gap in the current model of care that leaves those in recovery facing obstacles and barriers as they transition from treatment programs into the focus of building a purpose-driven life through meaningful employment.

We partner with treatment providers, government agencies, and recovery coaches to ensure this important aspect of the recovery journey is accounted for and incorporated into the suite of services offered to their clientele.

"A lot of my barriers came down to self-worth and self-esteem. I have belief in myself again - that I can do this."
-Program Participant

Delivering Real Results

Our expert team is composed of doctors, social workers, peer support workers, career coaches, and curriculum developers with the intensive insight, knowledge, and skill to develop and deliver innovative training. We value aspiration, authenticity, doing uncomfortable work, surrendering the outcome, flexibility, empathy, and community building. We will not accept negative judgement, short-sightedness, self-pity, and living by someone else's definition of success.

The Benefits Of Experience

Although employment training and career supports exist in our community, there are no programs that are designed to specifically meet the needs of those on a journey of recovery. Our professional training and lived experience make us uniquely positioned to meet people where they are at while guiding them to a sustainable, purpose-driven career. These are the benefits of the On A Dime Transformations program.

Empowering People In Recovery

The team at On A Dime Transformations has identified a gap in the model of care available to those in recovery. We have worked diligently to design a component of Recovery Capital to better serve our community as members transition into a long-term and sustainable recovery. Our three-phase process is carefully constructed to help participants rediscover their value and create a pathway to employment success. Learn more about our program by clicking below.

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Measurable Results

The impact of On A Dime Transformations career discovery training is quantifiable and real. By incorporating diverse instructional methods and engaging, relevant content our team is able to empower our participants to overcome barriers and limiting beliefs, creating pathways to employment success. We are able to improve recovery outcomes by giving participants the tools needed to achieve meaningful, purpose-driven careers. To read more about our breakthrough pilot project, click below.

Our Process

On A Dime Transformations offers many options for program content and delivery. We can tailor our curriculum specifically for your organization. If you understand the value in integrating a career training program as part of your recovery treatment model and wish to partner with the leaders of employment readiness training developed specifically for those in recovery, this is our process.

  • Step 1: Consultation
  • Step 2: Program Design & Review
  • Step 3: Delivery & Ongoing Refinement

We meet with your team to understand your goals, vision, treatment model, current curriculum, budget, and timelines. We share our process, the expertise of our team, levels of service, measures of success, and possibilities. We ask what's working for you and what you need from us. We'll deliver a solution that fits into your current programming.

Our program design team will customize the content, program length, and delivery options to suit your requirements. We will consult with your staff to seamlessly integrate our program into your curriculum. We'll incorporate your suggestions and feedback to deliver a program that is right for your budget and treatment model.

Our facilitators will ensure we deliver a program that achieves the outcomes and reporting statistics that you require. As your partner in support, we will continually identify areas that would benefit from program refinement and implement suggested improvements. This allows us to continuously provide enhanced and adapted training for your staff.

Improve Recovery Outcomes With A Purpose Driven Life

Improving Recovery Outcomes By Empowering People Into Meaningful Employment

If your organization is seeking ways to improve long-term recovery outcomes by including an employment readiness component within your existing programming connect with our expert team at On A Dime Transformation.

Call us now at 1-403-966-9369.

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