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Discovering purpose is a key component in the process of recovery. Purpose driven employment is a valued social construct. For those seeking to rebuild and discover self-worth, meaningful employment can elevate this sense of purpose and give direction to their recovery. 

As recovery service providers strive to improve recovery outcomes and provide their program participants with effective and inclusive care, there is a call to include a spectrum of personal and community resources to support and facilitate lasting recovery. Employment preparation and training give participants the means to overcome obstacles, believe in themselves, and create structures for agency.

The On A Dime Transformations process has three distinct phases:

  • Hope: Discovering unrecognized value within
  • Vision: Discovering possibilities and opportunities
  • Action: Creating and implementing a plan for success


As a person completes a recovery program they can often feel regret over time and opportunities missed in the past while feeling overwhelmed by the mountain in front of them.  This can sometimes result in people either working feverishly to “make up” for time gone by or simply shut down without knowing where to start. Sadly this often leads to burnout or procrastination. 

Expecting people in early recovery to navigate this transition without substantial support is just not realistic. There is a huge gap in the current system of care that fails to address a critical piece required to achieve successful long-term recovery outcomes.

On A Dime Transformations aims to provide a journey of self-realization that empowers people in recovery to find the value within themselves and to create their own path to a purpose-driven career. 

On a Dime Transformations has developed programming that guides participants as they navigate a challenging job market to find fulfilling work that aligns with their values. Our ideal clients include addiction treatment providers, non-profit organizations, governments, and corrections facilities. We offer a tool that creates tangible results for treatment service providers. By incorporating the On A Dime Transformations employment preparation curriculum as a component of recovery programming, these clients can improve their reported success statistics to their funders and supporters and expand their ability to provide recovery care for others.

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By partnering with a community of recovery service providers we aim to empower our clients to deliver an effective career development curriculum that allows them to provide a more complete approach with comprehensive support to their program participants.

The On A Dime Transformations six-week program is a blend of highly interactive workshops, group sessions, and individual coaching sessions. The incorporation of diverse instruction methods leads to enhanced participation, layered self-discovery, and relevant learning. These methods include: Group Discussion, Personal Reflection, Structured Intention Setting, Exercises, Story Telling, Assessments, Expert Speakers, and Journaling.

  • Hope Phase (Week 1-2)
    • Outcome: A clear understanding of their unique value and what they have to offer 
  • Vision Phase (Week 3-4)
    • Outcome: A Vision for a career that is realistic and attainable
  • Action Phase (Week 5-6)
    • Outcome: A clearly defined strategy that includes a practical method to achieve their goals

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It is our mission to improve long-term recovery outcomes by empowering individuals to discover and achieve meaningful careers.

Meaningful employment and a purpose-driven career trajectory is a critical component of sustainable recovery. The On A Dime Transformations employment readiness training aims to help participants uncover their own unique brilliance and strives to facilitate measurable results for industry partners. Participants of the On A Dime Transformations program experience self-awareness, empowerment to take charge of their own recovery, and agency to implement change and create opportunities.

To further explore this effective and engaging curriculum for your recovery program, contact our team at 1-403-966-9369 and let us share how this proven formula for career support can be incorporated within your organization.

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Improve Recovery Outcomes With A Purpose Driven Life

Improving Recovery Outcomes By Empowering People Into Meaningful Employment

If your organization is seeking ways to improve long-term recovery outcomes by including an employment readiness component within your existing programming connect with our expert team at On A Dime Transformation.

Call us now at 1-403-966-9369.

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