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In developing our program, the team at On A Dime Transformations sought to create a tool that could support recovery and improve outcomes.

Our Train the Trainer model offers your organization the ability to leverage the passion of your own team to deliver this compelling training. We will engage with your existing team to provide the same level of instruction to your program participants and will provide the materials to facilitate workshops and group sessions on-site.

Save the time and money that would be required for your staff to develop this effective and highly interactive training, and partner with On A Dime Transformations to bring engaging content and measurable outcomes to your organization. Connect with our team at 1-403-966-9369.

Empowering People In Recovery

The team at On A Dime Transformations has identified a gap in the model of care available to those in recovery. We have worked diligently to design a component of Recovery Capital to better serve our community as members transition into a long-term and sustainable recovery. Our three-phase process is carefully constructed to help participants rediscover their value and create a pathway to employment success. Learn more about our program by clicking below.

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Train The Trainer FAQs

Training would take 8 weeks (part-time) and requires staff to attend an entire session of our full 6-week program. This would also include individual coaching sessions and online supports.

The cost to incorporate our curriculum and to train your team is dependent on many factors like the number of participants in your program, the number of your staff dedicated to training, and funding that may be available from your supporters. Let’s chat about the opportunity and the anticipated costs. Call us at 1-403-966-9369.

We would only need to train a single staff member to be proficient in delivering our curriculum to your clients. This staff member would be responsible for facilitating the majority of the sessions but would need to be supplemented with one of our career coaches to round out the skills required to support participants throughout this transformational process.

Employment Through Self-Discovery

Employment Through Self-Discovery

In all of us, there is a person that was “becoming” before addiction took hold. The On A Dime Transformations team is committed to helping people identify intrinsic attributes that may have been dormant through years of addiction. Uncovering these qualities helps us to fully comprehend and understand the unique value each participant has to offer the world. It is our mission to improve long-term recovery outcomes by empowering individuals to rediscover themselves and achieve meaningful careers. Call 1-403-966-9369 now.

Improve Recovery Outcomes With A Purpose Driven Life

Improving Recovery Outcomes By Empowering People Into Meaningful Employment

If your organization is seeking ways to improve long-term recovery outcomes by including an employment readiness component within your existing programming connect with our expert team at On A Dime Transformation.

Call us now at 1-403-966-9369.

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