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On A Dime Transformations is a team of doctors, social workers, peer support workers, career coaches and curriculum developers with decades of experience and distinction within their fields. We have identified a gap in the current model of care that leaves those in recovery facing obstacles and barriers as they transition from treatment programs into the focus of building a purpose-driven life through meaningful employment.

We partner with treatment providers, government agencies, and recovery coaches to ensure this important aspect of the recovery journey is accounted for and incorporated into the suite of services offered to their clientele.

"A lot of my barriers came down to self-worth and self-esteem. I have belief in myself again - that I can do this."
-Program Participant

A Lived Experience

Kelly Lydiard fell into active addiction at the age of 13. Throughout his teens, Kelly would bounce between foster homes, group homes, young offender centres, and treatment programs. Over his 19 years of active addiction, Kelly entered 11 different recovery programs. Each time emerging feeling overwhelmed by the challenges ahead. With a lack of understanding of his true value and the opportunities he would be able to create for himself, Kelly didn’t feel prepared to build a meaningful life.

As he completed yet another treatment program at age 32, Kelly finally realized there was a road to a life better lived-- a life filled with purpose and more reflective of his essential value and worth, and a life that could be filled with accomplishment and hope. Over the next decade, he would go on to build a career in Business Development that began in retail sales and culminated in directing the growth of international oil and gas service companies gaining entry into new markets. This career afforded him the opportunity to travel the world, live out his passions, and eventually start this initiative. 

“Finally, at 32, I realized there was more to me than this life I had been living. 
I sought out others who had successfully navigated this transition and listened to their stories. 
Through this, I found hope that a life beyond my past was possible for me.” - Kelly Lydiard

It was this experience that gave life to On A Dime Transformations. The program was created to address the gaps in sustained recovery care by empowering people to explore their strengths, motivations, beliefs, and values to envision a bright future filled with purpose and meaning. Employment preparedness is one component that can dramatically improve recovery outcomes. Our team is committed to helping our participants rediscover their true selves and forge a pathway to an inspiring and rewarding career.

"The program helped me see different sides of myself that I never understood or acknowledged. 
It helped me see myself for who I really am." - Program Participant

To further explore the benefits of incorporating an element of employment training into your existing recovery program, connect with the knowledgeable, expert team at On A Dime Transformations and discover the variety of ways the curriculum can be tailored to your treatment method, call 1-403-966-9369.

The Benefits Of Experience

Although employment training and career supports exist in our community, there are no programs that are designed to specifically meet the needs of those on a journey of recovery. Our professional training and lived experience make us uniquely positioned to meet people where they are at while guiding them to a sustainable, purpose-driven career. These are the benefits of the On A Dime Transformations program.

Empowering People In Recovery

The team at On A Dime Transformations has identified a gap in the model of care available to those in recovery. We have worked diligently to design a component of Recovery Capital to better serve our community as members transition into a long-term and sustainable recovery. Our three-phase process is carefully constructed to help participants rediscover their value and create a pathway to employment success. Learn more about our program by clicking below.

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Employment Through Self-Discovery

Employment Through Self-Discovery

In all of us, there is a person that was “becoming” before addiction took hold. The On A Dime Transformations team is committed to helping people identify intrinsic attributes that may have been dormant through years of addiction. Uncovering these qualities helps us to fully comprehend and understand the unique value each participant has to offer the world. It is our mission to improve long-term recovery outcomes by empowering individuals to rediscover themselves and achieve meaningful careers. Call 1-403-966-9369 now.

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