In Person

In Person

Participants of our in-person learning option benefit from the dynamic classroom environment and from the support of a community of their peers. Each person’s journey to self-discovery and to define their goals for a purpose-driven career is different. Our classrooms become a microcosm of brainstorming, accountability, friendship, and encouragement. 

Every cohort will bring a unique perspective to the program and to their fellow trainees helping our team grow through the shared experiences of every person’s individual recovery journey.

Empowering People In Recovery

The team at On A Dime Transformations has identified a gap in the model of care available to those in recovery. We have worked diligently to design a component of Recovery Capital to better serve our community as members transition into a long-term and sustainable recovery. Our three-phase process is carefully constructed to help participants rediscover their value and create a pathway to employment success. Learn more about our program by clicking below.

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In Person Learning FAQs

Our ideal sessions are between 8 and 15 participants.  We choose these numbers to facilitate the best possible experience for our participants.

Our in-person program is delivered either at your facility or a chosen off-site location.

Our program will provide all the tools necessary for participants to explore their value within the workforce and create an effective strategy to achieve employment, but each participant is responsible for implementing their own plan. We support participants after program completion with weekly group sessions.

Employment Through Self-Discovery

Employment Through Self-Discovery

In all of us, there is a person that was “becoming” before addiction took hold. The On A Dime Transformations team is committed to helping people identify intrinsic attributes that may have been dormant through years of addiction. Uncovering these qualities helps us to fully comprehend and understand the unique value each participant has to offer the world. It is our mission to improve long-term recovery outcomes by empowering individuals to rediscover themselves and achieve meaningful careers. Call 1-403-966-9369 now.

Improve Recovery Outcomes With A Purpose Driven Life

Improving Recovery Outcomes By Empowering People Into Meaningful Employment

If your organization is seeking ways to improve long-term recovery outcomes by including an employment readiness component within your existing programming connect with our expert team at On A Dime Transformation.

Call us now at 1-403-966-9369.

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