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Consultation Process

If your organization is seeking to implement a component of employment readiness into your recovery services, consider partnering with On A Dime Transformations. Our team of experts can customize our methodologies and processes to fit seamlessly within your existing programming. Leverage our carefully designed curriculum proven to empower participants to uncover their value within the workforce and secure meaningful and purpose-driven employment. Augment your ability to support their transition into sustainable recovery, post-program. 

The success of participants will enable your organization to demonstrate measurable gains to funders and supporters and enhance your ability to serve others in the recovery community.  

Our team is ready to help you elevate your organization’s ability to provide the most thoughtful and comprehensive recovery services. Connect with us to explore your options to integrate this training into the support systems you offer. Call 1-403-966-9369.

Our Process

On A Dime Transformations offers many options for program content and delivery. We can tailor our curriculum specifically for your organization. If you understand the value in integrating a career training program as part of your recovery treatment model and wish to partner with the leaders of employment readiness training developed specifically for those in recovery, this is our process.

  • Step 1: Consultation
  • Step 2: Program Design & Review
  • Step 3: Delivery & Ongoing Refinement

We meet with your team to understand your goals, vision, treatment model, current curriculum, budget, and timelines. We share our process, the expertise of our team, levels of service, measures of success, and possibilities. We ask what's working for you and what you need from us. We'll deliver a solution that fits into your current programming.

Our program design team will customize the content, program length, and delivery options to suit your requirements. We will consult with your staff to seamlessly integrate our program into your curriculum. We'll incorporate your suggestions and feedback to deliver a program that is right for your budget and treatment model.

Our facilitators will ensure we deliver a program that achieves the outcomes and reporting statistics that you require. As your partner in support, we will continually identify areas that would benefit from program refinement and implement suggested improvements. This allows us to continuously provide enhanced and adapted training for your staff.

Custom Program Development FAQs

Yes, we will work with your existing funding team to professionally develop grant applications or material to present to your donor base. If appropriate, we can activate our own (contracted) grant writer to draft such applications on your behalf.

The standard program is six weeks and follows a purposeful process of self-discovery, envisioning opportunities, and strategy development for participants. But there are many possibilities to customize the curriculum to work within the parameters of your program.

The only requirement is that participants be at a point where they are ready to focus on preparing for and attaining meaningful employment. Our team can work with you to integrate this curriculum at the stage where your participants are able to engage in this process.

Employment Through Self-Discovery

Employment Through Self-Discovery

In all of us, there is a person that was “becoming” before addiction took hold. The On A Dime Transformations team is committed to helping people identify intrinsic attributes that may have been dormant through years of addiction. Uncovering these qualities helps us to fully comprehend and understand the unique value each participant has to offer the world. It is our mission to improve long-term recovery outcomes by empowering individuals to rediscover themselves and achieve meaningful careers. Call 1-403-966-9369 now.

Improve Recovery Outcomes With A Purpose Driven Life

Improving Recovery Outcomes By Empowering People Into Meaningful Employment

If your organization is seeking ways to improve long-term recovery outcomes by including an employment readiness component within your existing programming connect with our expert team at On A Dime Transformation.

Call us now at 1-403-966-9369.

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